In-Mold decoration

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With over 12 years experience, Scutum provides ODM/OEM by in-mold decoration, one-stop from tooling build to mass production.

As consumer electronics/portable products are various and trend to smaller and lighter, Scutum is keeping development on In-Mold Electronics (IME) from 2018, to cooperate and assistance the customers make products more feature.

Welcome to contact us and make your idea/design come true!

Save the mould cost !
Using various textures, we can change your products surface,
to show different engraved textures.
by only one mould, no need to build new mould!
It can be one both sides of plastic surface, by one mould.

NFC card / tag by IME
with In-Mold Electronics technology, we embedded NFC antenna and chip into plastic. Make NFC card / tag durable, weatherability and more colors !

NFC antenna & chip embedded in plastic
various colors and effect

Durable, weatherbility

Make Difference !
Your products sold on-line shop, always same as others?
we make unique drawing on our cases:
– lower MOQ
– drawing on products, updated every month
Help you to develop more fans and business!

Radiation Reduction phone case !
Phone case with radiation reduction:
– Highly protection for mobile phone
– no need battery
– no extra power
– convert ElectroMagnetic wave to electricity for LED light